Do Not Call registrations don’t expire by Amy Hebert Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Someone pretending to be from the FTC is sending out fake emails telling people that their Do Not Call registration is expiring. The emails use the FTC’s logo and send people to a phony Do Not Call website to register their numbers again.… Read More

Scammers impersonate the Social Security Administration January 26, 2018 by Ari Lazarus Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Your Social Security number is an important key for an identity thief. Scammers want it, and they think of all sorts of ways to trick you into giving it away. Here at the Federal Trade Commission, we’re getting reports… Read More

FTC, FDA Warn Companies about Marketing and Selling Opioid Cessation Products FTC, SAMHSA also issue fact sheet on how to get the right help for addiction and withdrawal The Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today posted warning letters to the marketers and distributors of 11 opioid cessation products for… Read More

FTC Sending Refund Checks Totaling More Than $533,000 to Consumer Victims of Phony Mortgage Relief Scam The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 862 refund checks totaling more than $533,000 to consumers deceived by a phony mortgage relief scheme allegedly perpetrated by a company called A to Z Marketing, Inc. Starting today, many homeowners who paid… Read More

Please contact us if you are in Illinois and are being sued or threatened with suit on a HELOC (home equity line of credit)  where the last payment was more than five years ago.… Read More

Please contact us if you have a consumer lease with Snap Finance… Read More

FTC Returns Money to Consumers Who Bought Purported Business Coaching Programs The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 7,583 checks totaling more than $2.2 million to people who lost money to a telemarketing scheme offering business coaching services. As alleged in the FTC’s complaints, the defendants falsely promised consumers they would earn substantial income from home-based… Read More

Defendants Who Sold Business Coaching Program Settle FTC Charges Banned from selling business coaching services and business opportunities Three individuals and the company they control have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceived consumers in a telemarketing scheme that took millions of dollars from thousands of people who were trying to start home-based Internet… Read More

Electronic Toy Maker VTech Settles FTC Allegations That it Violated Children’s Privacy Law and the FTC Act Settlement marks the agency’s first children’s privacy and security case involving connected toys Note: A conference call for media with Tom Pahl, Acting Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, will occur as follows: Date: January 8, 2018… Read More