Defendants Settle FTC Charges in ‘Money Now Funding’ Credit Card Laundering Scheme Michael Abdelmesseh and KMA Merchant Services LLC have agreed to settle a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit for laundering credit card charges for Money Now Funding (MNF), a business opportunity scheme that falsely promised consumers they would make thousands of dollars helping small businesses get loans.… Read More

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New York-based Supplement Seller Barred from False and Unsupported Health Claims Telomerase Activation Sciences, CEO claimed two products could treat or prevent a range of age-related conditions A company and its CEO who allegedly advertised and sold two “anti-aging” products using false or unsubstantiated claims have agreed to stop making the claims under a Federal… Read More

FTC Challenges Schemes That Target or Affect Senior Citizens The Federal Trade Commission has taken legal action against two deceptive schemes that targeted or affected senior citizens with phony sweepstakes offers and bogus computer technical support services that tricked consumers out of tens of millions of dollars. The two cases were brought in conjunction with… Read More

FTC Returns Money to Consumers Harmed in Alleged Payday Loan Scheme The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 72,836 checks totaling more than $2.9 million to people who lost money to an alleged scheme that trapped them into payday loans they never authorized or whose terms were deceptive. According to the FTC, CWB Services, LLC and related defendants… Read More

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