Are There Errors on Your Credit Report?

Have you been turned down for credit or been forced to pay higher interest rates as a result of credit reporting errors?Are you the victim of identity theft, or has your credit report been merged with somebody else’s?

Have you tried unsuccessfully to get a credit bureau such as TransUnion, Equifax, Experian, Telecheck, Choicepoint, Innovis, Chex Systems, CSC or Certegy to remove errors from your credit report?

The experienced attorneys at Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin, LLC, in Chicago, Illinois, can help resolve your credit reporting problem. If you have a problem with a credit bureau, contact us for a free consultation with a Chicago credit report lawyer.

We have successfully represented many consumers in cases against credit bureaus and the companies that supplied the inaccurate information to them. Using the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other consumer protection statutes, we have filed cases that have resulted in the credit bureaus removing inaccurate information, along with obtaining money damages for many of our clients. We may be able to recover money damages to compensate you for the harm caused by the credit reporting errors.

Are There Errors on Your Credit Report: Evaluating Your Case

To make a sound assessment of your case and possible legal solutions, we will need:

  • Copies of all credit reports containing the inaccurate information and any previous credit reports you may possess
  • Copies of all dispute letters you wrote to the credit bureaus or creditors and any responses you received
  • Copies of all documents that prove the information you are disputing is indeed inaccurate
  • Copies of all documents that prove you have suffered damages as a result of the reporting errors: This includes letters turning you down for credit, notices of interest rate hikes, medical bills for stress-related ailments and other damages.

Should I Hire a Credit Repair Company?

Most credit reporting errors can be fixed by going through the dispute process. If the information you are disputing is truly wrong, and the credit bureaus have refused to correct it, we would recommend consulting with an attorney. Beware of credit repair companies that dispute everything that is derogatory on your credit report, regardless of whether it is accurate or not.

Types of Errors on Your Credit Reports

  • Inaccurate Entries: The credit bureaus sometimes misreport information from public court records such as reporting a judgment in your favor as a judgment against you. The credit bureaus may also mistakenly report a debt that has been settled as unpaid, a debt as included in a bankruptcy when it was not, a debt paid on time as late, and other such errors.
  • Mixed credit files: Sometimes the credit bureaus combine all or part of your credit file with the file of another person with a similar name and/or Social Security number. If that person has credit problems, your credit score may be dramatically reduced.
  • Out-of-date entries: There are limits on how long derogatory items can remain on your credit reports. In general, a derogatory item must be removed seven years after the date of last activity.

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