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Please contact us if you are having problems with your CTA Ventra card. Check your account history for changes which you do not recognize and contact us is you find any. Also, contact us if you have placed money on the general-purpose debit card and are unable to access it.

If you are an Illinois resident and have a non-business Internet loan from an unlicensed lender at more than 9%, the loan is not enforceable, and you may be able to recover damages from the lender and anyone trying to collect the loan. Contact us. To determine whether a lender is licensed, check with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at IDFPR License Lookup or 1-888-473-4858 or contact us.

Contact us if Municipal Collection Services, Inc., is trying to collect a ticket or fine from you.

Contact us if National Credit Adjusters has contacted you to collect a high-interest or payday loan, particularly one obtained over the internet.

Contact us if representatives of Santander have contacted you to collect a debt.

Contact us if you have entered into a payment plan with a debt collector or creditor giving them the right to debit your bank account and found that money was being taken in larger amounts, for longer periods, or at different times than you thought it would be.

Contact us if you are having problems with a student loan.

Contact us if you are getting automated telephone calls or “robocalls” claiming that you are liable for alleged copyright violations

Contact us if you believe that your dog was harmed by dog treats containing chicken jerky made in China.

Contact us if a debt collector has sent a “verification of employment” form to your employer.

Contact us if you are being dunned or sued by a bad debt buyer. We have important information about your legal rights.

Contact us if you are in Illinois and a debt collector is trying to collect a debt that is more than 5 years old (measured from the last payment).

Contact us if you have received prerecorded or autodialed calls or spam text messages on a cellular telephone.

Contact us if your Illinois landlord has not paid interest on your security deposit.

Contact us if you have received voicemail or answering machine messages from a Debt Collector.

Contact us if you are being sued in Cook County on a contractual debt entered into for personal, family, or household purposes and you do not live in Cook County and did not sign the contract in Cook County.

Contact us if your medical provider or hospital arranged financing for their bills.

Contact us if you received an unsolicited advertising fax (“junk fax”)  – they are illegal, and you may be entitled to recover damages.

Contact us if you paid more for private mortgage insurance than originally quoted.

Contact us if someone is attempting to recover collection fees from you on debts.


Please contact us if you have dealt with any of these high-interest lenders and debt collectors for high-interest lenders:

Accucredit Associates

Avante Teladvance, Inc. d/b/a Check ‘n Go Online

CARDS Credit Services, LLC

Card Express, Inc.


Continental Finance

Delbert Services

East Side Lenders

ECOM Financial

E Duction Receivables Funding

First Bank of Delaware

Fortris Financial

Halsted Financial Services

Integrity Advance, d/b/a

Lynk Systems

National Recovery Services

Noble Consumer Lending

North American Asset Services d/b/a Frontier Financial Group

Pack Management Group

Seattle Service Bureau, Inc. d/b/a National Service Bureau, Inc.

TC Loan Service, LLC d/b/a ThinkCash

TSYS Prepaid

Rory Vohwinkel, d/b/a Rovo & Associates

Please contact us if you have information about or letters from any of the following collection agencies, attorneys and bad debt buyers:

Aargon Agency

Absolute Collection Service

Academy Collection

Accelerated Financial Solutions

Accent Service Co.

Account Control Systems

Account Management Services

Account Recovery Service

Account Recovery Technologies

Accounts Recovery Bureau

Acme Credit Services

Adler & Associates

Advanced Call Center Technologies

Advanced Collection Professionals

Advantage Assets

Aegis Receivables Management/Aegis Communications (Global Vantage)

Affiliated Credit Services


AIS Services


Allied Business Services

Allied Collection Services

Allied Data

Allied Interstate

Allied International Credit

AllianceOne, Inc.

AllianceOne Receivables Management

Allstate Financial Services

Alpine Capital

Alpine Financial Solutions

Alternative Recovery Management

ALW Sourcing

Aman Collection Service

American Collection Systems

American Coradius

American Medical Collection Agency

American Profit Recovery

American Receivables

American Recovery Systems

American Revenue

American Servicing Group

AMO Recoveries (Asset Management Outsourcing) (collection agency)

AmSher Collection

Apelles, LLC.

Apex Financial

APM Financial Solutions

Armor Systems

Arrow Financial Services (bad debt buyer and collection agency)

Ashwood Financial

Asset Acceptance (bad debt buyer)

Asset Acquisition

Asset Management Professionals

Asset Protection & Recovery Solutions, L.L.C.

Asset Recovery


Associated Credit Services

Associated Recovery Systems/ ARS National Services

Associates Asset Management

Atlantic Credit & Finance

Bay Area Credit Service

Bennett & Deloney

Blatt, Hasenmiller

Blitt & Gaines

Bonded Collection Corporation

Boudreau & Associates

Bowman, Heintz

Brachfeld & Associates / Brachfeld Law Group

Bronson, Cawley & Bergmann, LLP (formerly Bronson & Migliaccio, LLP)

Budzik & Dynia

Bureau of Collection Recovery / BCR


Bureaus Investment

Burke, Costanza



Capio Partners

Capital Alliance Financial

Capital Management Services

Capital Recovery Service/CRS

Capstone Financial

Cardworks Servicing

Carson Smithfield

Cascade Capital

CB Accounts

CBCS / Credit Bureau Collection Services

CBE (Credit Bureau Enterprises)

CBM Accounts Service

Cavalry (bad debt buyer)

Cavalry Portfolio Services

Cavalry SPV

CCB Credit Services (collection agency)

Central Credit Services

Central Financial Control

Central Portfolio

CGR Services

Chase Receivables / Credit Bureau of Napa County

Check Law Recovery Systems

Check Plus Systems

Check Resolution Service



Client Services, Inc. (collection agency)

CMG Recovery


Coldata (collection agency)

Collect America / Phillip Scott Lowery Law Offices



Collection Corp. of America


Colorado Capital

Commercial Check Control

Commercial Recovery Systems

Commonwealth Financial


Computer Credit

Concord Servicing

Conrad Credit

Consumer Adjustment Company

Consumer Recovery Associates

Continental Collection Agency

Continental Service Group / Conserve

Convergent Outsourcing

Convergent Resources

Cornerstone Resolution


CCS/Credit Control Services

Credit Collection Services

Credit Control, LLC

Credit Management Services


Credit One Bank

Credit Protection Association

Credit Solutions

Creditors’ Alliance

Creditors Financial Group

Creditors Interchange

Crescent Recovery


Crown Asset Management

CTI/Collectors Training Institute

Data Search Collection, Inc.

DCM Services



DRS/Debt Recovery Solutions

Dickenson Financial

Diversified Adjustment Service

Diversified Collection (now Performant Recovery)

Dorsey Thornton & Associates


Dynamic Recovery Services

Dynamic Recovery Solutions

Dynia & Associates

Echelon Recovery

Elite Recovery / Greystone Alliance


Emory Enterprises

Encore Receivable / ERMI

Enhanced Recovery Corporation

Enterprise Recovery Systems


Epstein Frisch

Equable Ascent (Hilco)

ERS/ER Solutions (Convergent Outsourcing)

Erin Capital / Eltman, Eltman & Cooper

Evergreen Professional Recoveries

Excalibur (bad debt buyer)

Federal Bond & Collection Services / FBCS (Philadelphia, PA)

Federal Resource



Fidelity Information Corporation / Fidelity National Information / Certegy

FAMS/Financial Asset Management Systems

Financial Recovery Services /FRS

First Credit Services

First Financial Resources

First Integral Recovery

First Investors

First National Collection Bureau

First Performance Recovery

First Resolution

First Revenue Assurance

First Select (bad debt buyer)

Firstsource Advantage / Account Solutions

Firstsource Financial Solutions

Fisher & Shapiro

FMA Alliance

FMA Enterprises


Focus Receivables Management

Forster & Garbus

Fourscore Resource Capital (bad debt buyer)

Fred Hanna

Frontier Financial

Frontline Asset Strategies

Galaxy Asset Purchasing

Galaxy Portfolio

GC Services (collection agency)

General Revenue

Genesis Financial

Gerald E. Moore & Associates

Glass Mountain Capital

Global Acceptance Credit Corp

Global Credit

Greene & Cooper

Gulf State Credit (collection agency/ bad debt buyer)

Guyer & Enichen

Harris & Dial

Harris & Harris (collection agency)

Harris Financial Management

Harvard Collection Services

Harvest Credit


Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group


Houston Funding

Hudson Acceptance

I.C. System

Icon Equities

IDT Carmel

ICS/Illinois Collection Services

IMC Credit Services

IN Receivables

Independence Receivables


Integrity Financial

IntelliRisk / IRNC

Investment Retrievers


ISA Acceptance

Island National Group

Javitch Block & Rathbone

J. C. Christensen & Associates

Jefferson Capital

JH Portfolio Debt Equities

JNR Adjustment

John C. Bonewicz, P.C.


KCA Financial Services

Kirschenbaum & Phillips

Kramer & Frank

Law Offices of Howard Lee Schiff

Law Offices of Joel Cardis

Law Office of John P. Frye PC

L. B. Gray, LLC

LDG Financial

Leading Edge Recovery

Legal Collectors Ltd.


Liberty Acquisitions

Linebarger Goggan

Livingston Financial

LTD Financial Services


Macey, Wilensky

Main Street Acquisition

Malcolm S. Gerald & Associates

Mapother & Mapother

Maximum Recovery Solutions

Medical Collection System


Medical Recovery Specialists

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

Merchants Credit Guide

Merriman Investments

Messerli & Kramer

MHE Asset Investors

Midland Credit Management/ MCM / MRC Receivables

Midland Funding

Midstate Collection Solutions

MKM Acquisitions

Monarch Recovery Management

Monterey Financial Services

Morgan & Pottinger

Moss Codilis

M.R.S. Associates (collection agency)

M3 Financial Services


National Account Financial Services

National Action Financial Services

National Asset Management Enterprises

National Check Bureau

National Credit Adjusters

National Credit Solutions

National Enterprise Systems

National Financial Systems

National Management Recovery

National Recoveries

National Recovery Agency / NRA Group

National Recovery Services

National Recovery Solutions

Nations Recovery Center

Nationwide Credit

Nationwide Recovery

Network Recovery Services

Niagara Acquisitions

NCB Management Services



Nelson, Watson & Associates

New Century Financial Services, Inc.


NCO Financial Systems (collection agency, bad debt buyer)

NCO Portfolio Management

Network Collection Services

Norfolk Financial

Northeast Credit & Collection

NorthStar Capital

Northstar Location Services

Northland Group (collection agency)


Nu Island

Oasis Financial Solution


Omni Credit Services

Omnium Worldwide

Optimum Outcomes, Inc.


Oxford Management

Pallino Receivables

Palisades Acquisition

Palisades Collection

Partners for Payment Relief

P & B Capital Group

PCA Acquisitions

Pendrick Capital Partners

Penn Credit

PCM/Performance Capital Management

Pentagroup Financial

People First Recoveries

Performant Recovery

Perimeter Credit


Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

Phoenix Asset

Pierce & Associates

Pinnacle Credit Service (collection agency)

Pinnacle Financial Group

Pinnacle Recovery

Pioneer Credit Recovery

Platinum Financial Services

Plaza Associates

Portfolio Acquisitions

Portfolio Asset Group

Portfolio Investment Exchange

Portfolio Recovery Associates


Precision Recovery Analytics (formerly Collins Financial)

Premier Credit

PARC / Premium Asset Recovery

Prenda Law Firm

Pride Acquisitions

Primary Financing Services

Prince-Parker & Associates

Pro Collect

Pro Com Services (Central Illinois collection agency)

Professional Account Services

Professional Claims Bureau

Professional Collection Service

Professional Credit Management

Professional Debt Mediation

Professional Recovery Consultants

Professional Recovery Systems

Professional Recovery Services

Progressive Financial Services

Protocol Recovery Service

Pushpin Holdings



Quality Asset Recovery

Razor Capital

RCS CUF Consumer Acquisitions

Receivable Management Services

Receivables Performance Management

RMS / Receivable Management Solutions

Recovery Partners

Redline Recovery Services

Regent Asset Management Solutions

Regional Adjustment Bureau

Renaissance Recovery Solutions

Rent Recover


Resurgent Capital

Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau

Revenue Management Corporation

Revenue Production Management, Inc., doing business as RPM, Inc. (collection agency)

RGS Financial

RiverWalk Holdings


RMG Systems / Receivable Management Group


Routhmeir Sterling

Rubin & Rothman

Sacor Financial


SBS Financial

Schreiber Law Firm / Security Credit Services

Second Round, L.P.

Security Check


Sentry Credit

Servicing Solutions

Sherman Financial

SIMM Associates

Sko Brenner

Southern Tier Agency

Southwest Credit

SquareTwo Financial

Specified Credit Association

SRA Associates

Stanley Weinberg & Associates

Stellar Recovery

Stenger & Stenger

Stephens & Michaels Associates, Inc.

Stewart & Associates

Stoneleigh Recovery Associates

Sunrise Credit Services

Surpas Resource Corporation

Tate & Kirlin Associates

Tek-Collect / TCI

Tiburon Financial

Titanium Solutions

Total Card, Inc.

Trak America / Data Search NY

Transworld Systems

Triumph Asset

Triumph Partnerships

Troy Capital

TRS Recovery


TSYS Total Debt Management

Unifund (bad debt buyer)

United Collection Bureau

United Debt Holdings

United Recovery

United Resource Systems

United Tranz Actions

Universal Fidelity Corporation

Valentine & Kebartas

Van Ru Credit

Vengroff, Williams

Velocity Investments

Viking Client Services

Viking Collection

Virtuoso Sourcing Group

Vision Financial

Vision Receivable Management

Vital Recovery Services

VMC & Associates

Weltman, Weinberg

West Asset Management

West Corporation

Western Mass. Credit Corp.

Williams, Scott & Associates

Worldwide Asset Management

Worldwide Asset Purchasing

Worldwide Recoveries

Worldzen (bad debt buyer)

Wyse Financial


Zenith Acquisitions

Zwicker & Associates

Contact us if you have had dealings with the following mortgage companies:

Bank of America / BAC

Bank One


Deutsche Trust (Bankers Trust)





Litton Loan

Meritech Mortgage



Specialized Loan Servicing

U. S. Bank

Wells Fargo

Contact us if you have concerns about problems you have had with any of these credit bureaus:





Trans Union

As a courtesy, we supply our Web site readers with fax numbers of collection agencies which we have gathered from the Internet.

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