If you received a postcard notice of a class settlement in a case called Johnson v. Midland, we suggest that you opt out and file your own case.

The settlement provides for $500,000 to be divided among class members located throughout the US. The notice does not state the number of class members, but upon inquiry we were told it was 500,000.

If 10% of the class makes claims, that is only $10 / person.

You have until November 6, 2013 to opt out.  You should file your own case as soon as possible and try to get the full $1,000 statutory damages.

We already represent an opt out and are willing to file on behalf of anyone in Illinois, Wisconsin, or Indiana.

Follow the instructions on the postcard about how to opt out carefully.

We will need a copy of your postcard and opt out letter.

The violation alleged is that Midland violated the “validation notice” provision of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. 1692g, in cases where it learned that it sent the required statutory validation notice to a wrong address (because the postal service returned it).  If Midland  later got a good address, it would dun  the consumer at the correct address without sending the required notice of rights to the correct address.  If you received a postcard, it is because Midland’s records show that happened to you.