From the August 9, 2014 New York Times, editorial pages:

Dealers who can offload loans to banks before the loans fail take the same rapacious approach that mortgage lenders took in the run-up to the recession. They prey on less sophisticated borrowers, falsifying the borrower’s income information and writing loans with astronomical interest rates and hidden fees that deliver a quick profit to the dealers.

One of the more egregious tactics is the “yo-yo,” in which the buyer drives away believing that the deal has been closed, only to be summoned back days or weeks later and told that original deal has fallen through and that he or she must either surrender the car or accept a higher interest rate and terms that are much less advantageous. Borrowers who desperately need cars to get to work or to convey ailing parents back and forth to the doctor often feel that they have no choice and end up signing on the dotted line.