Questionl: My daughter’s bank placed a freeze on her account due to a collection judgement. They are holding $950. All of the money she has. Is this legal? Answer:  If the source of the income is social security or pension benefits, it should not be frozen.  Regardless of the source of the income, in Illinois,… Read More

Question: What is my option if the agency wants to take me to the court or pay $250 to settle out of court because they told that I had a check bounce in 2008?   Received a call from a collection agency that said I had a $25 check bounce in 2008.  I never got any… Read More

Question: Am I responsible for my mother’s debt after she passed away?   When my mother passed away the home, she lived in ended up being taken by the bank. She had no will, no money. I recently received a letter stating that I owed a huge sum of money on her house even though I… Read More

Question: If you have talked to a lawyer to repay a debt but nothing was agreed upon, does the statute of limitations restart?   I received a letter from a lawyer for a credit card debt more than six and a half years old. I wanted to make payments but they said they would get back… Read More

Question: : I am currently being sued by a debt buyer that purchased a debt from  a bank. I over drafted my account by $7.00 and now my bill has ballooned into a $1042.00 charge. Do I have any recourse/protection, or am I stuck paying $1035.00 extra? Are these loansharking techniques still legal? Answer:    There… Read More

Question: We are letting our atv go to repo, we are wondering if they can come back on us for what is owed?    The atv was purchased with a credit card through the company that makes it. We have never had a late payment and we called to volunteer the atv back to the that… Read More

Question:  I  am  unable to pay a $780 bill. I received notice they have issued a warrant for me and I am terrified. They told me that if they receive only part of the money owed they will still put me in jail until the rest is paid off.  Can they do this? Answer:  … Read More

Question:  I have several student loans with the same company, all are fixed rate. These loans have been purchased by someone else. I assumed the interest rates and payments would remain the same, but now the payments are significantly higher. So, far a representative from the new company cannot answer why. Answer:   Assignment of a loan… Read More

Question: Husband passed away last year, leaving no assets.  I am very angry for the way he left his family with the bills and don’t  want to pay  for his stubbornness. There are three bills that I am being constantly bugged for, ambulance, hospital and treatment. Answer:    If you were living with your husband… Read More

Question: Can I be listed as a defendant in a civil complaint if I never did business with the company that filed the complaint?    I was recently served a civil complaint by a gas company I have never done business with. I am listed as a defendant along with my roommate. My roommate has done… Read More