Question: When one’s parent  dies with a credit card balance, is the child  legally responsible to pay it?   Answer:  Only from the assets of the decedent/ estate.  Beware of debt collectors who try to collect decedent’s debts from family members who are not legally liable.  Many such attempts are deceptive and violate the Fair… Read More

Question: Can one get rid of debt through a debt agency?   My husband and I have very good credit and we are not behind on our bills.   We have four credit card accounts. A debt relief agency located in another state contacted us about getting rid of these credit card debts.  They proposed that… Read More

Question: I own a mobile home and a plot of land on which it is located.  There are bank loans outstanding to pay for both the mobile home and the land.  I only owe $3,000 on the land.  I can no longer afford to pay for the mobile home.  If I let the bank take… Read More

Question: I have a judgment against me, alone.  I have a joint account with my daughter.  Can the money in the  account be taken to pay the judgment?   Answer:  Under Illinois law, if an account is in the name of 2 or more people, it is  presumptively the property of the judgment debtor.  The… Read More

Question: How would I find out how much I still owe on a judgment.  The creditor has been taking money from my wages. Answer:  Ask (in writing, by means that produces proof of delivery)  plaintiff’s counsel for a written accounting.  If they won’t provide it or it is not satisfactory, file a motion with the… Read More

Question:  I borrowed money from a neighbor in 2009. I signed a letter stating I would pay her back but it didn’t have a date. She is suing me.  She  will not take a payment plan and wants a judgement. Can I have the court set a payment schedule for the loan?   Answer:  No.  A… Read More

Question: How do I get my name off of the home loan?    I’ve been divorced now for almost 2 years.  My credit is hurting because my ex-husband  won’t refinance the loan. The bank would not remove my name. We have it in our divorce paperwork that he gets the house and has to pay for… Read More

Experian was sued for yet another mixed file case in New York.  The plaintiff alleges Experian mixed his credit file with more than one nonrelated person.  It sounds like the other individuals have somewhat similar names, but they are clearly different people.  This is a familiar story to our attorneys, although we normally see people’s… Read More

This is an interesting article by the Bank of America mortgage whistleblower.  Our firm has assisted numerous clients with mortgage servicing and loan modification mishaps caused by Bank of America and other large mortgage servicers.… Read More

One of the specialty banking credit bureaus is paying a huge fine to the FTC for alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Hopefully the FTC’s actions will help the consumer victims of inaccurate credit reporting.  Many consumers are being barred from opening bank accounts due to information being reported by companies like Certegy. … Read More