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FTC Obtains Court Orders Banning Marketer from Negative-Option Sales The ringleader of an operation that lured people into an expensive negative-option scam using a low-cost “trial” offer for tooth whiteners and other products is banned from negative-option sales under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The settlement order is one of three orders resolving FTC… Read More

FTC Staff Warns Companies that it is Illegal to Condition Warranty Coverage on the Use of Specified Parts or Services The Federal Trade Commission staff has sent warning letters to six major companies that market and sell automobiles, cellular devices, and video gaming systems in the United States. The letters warn that FTC staff has… Read More

FTC Sending Refund Checks Totaling More Than $355,000 to Consumers Who Bought CogniPrin ‘Memory Improvement’ Supplement Case brought jointly by FTC and Maine Attorney General The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 2,116 refund checks totaling more than $355,000 to people who bought CogniPrin, a deceptively marketed ‘memory improvement’ supplement. The average check amount is $168.08,… Read More

FTC Shuts Down Promoters of Deceptive Cryptocurrency Scheme At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a federal court has halted the activities of four individuals who allegedly promoted deceptive money-making schemes involving cryptocurrencies. These schemes falsely promised that participants could earn large returns by paying cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or Litecoin to enroll in the schemes.… Read More

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