Question:  I just received a summons on some medical bills that I couldn’t pay. The original debt collector would not work with me whatsoever. I would like to resolve this without going to court. The summons says I must file a response with the court. Answer:  You probably cannot resolve this satisfactorily without going to… Read More

Question:  In 2012, a public record was added to my credit report in the form of a court judgment.  I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 19.  My mother had promised to pay, but did not.  I was not aware of the lawsuit because  I was away from home at college. The payments… Read More

Question: Will I incur my finance’s debt if I marry him?   We are planning to marry and I am debt free, he has some large debt. I do not want to incur those. Will there be a problem? He did put me on his credit card so I could use it when I wanted to.… Read More

Question: Can the courts still hold me liable if in my divorce decree I am to be held harmless of the judgments on my credit that my husband is responsible for?    I went through a divorce in 2010. My ex husband is to be responsible for certain judgments. I recently sent a copy of that… Read More

Question: If I cosigned for an auto loan and the person I signed for passed away, am I responsible for the loan if I turn the car in? Answer:   Yes.  They will sell the car at a low price at an auto auction and hold you liable for any deficiency (difference between the sales price… Read More

Another article about General Mills, this one from MSNBC.   If you agree this is outrageous, let General Mills know at   Economy General Mills cereals. Rick Wilking/Reuters How the Supreme Court made it harder for you to sue 04/18/14 12:46 PM—UPDATED 04/18/14 03:39 PM facebook twitter 1 save share group 22 By Adam Serwer Many people quickly gloss over a terms of service… Read More

Question: Is there a time limit on how long a business can wait to send an additional bill for services rendered?  I received a bill for  a health device which was covered in part by insurance. The person in the doctor’s office  called the insurance company and I was told how much I would owe and… Read More

Public complaints force General Mills to scrap its forced arbitration plan. In April 2014, General Mills posted new legal terms to its website eliminating customers’ right to sue the company. The terms required  “all disputes related to the purchase or use of any General Mills product or service to be resolved through binding arbitration.” As a result… Read More

Question: How do I rescind a car purchase?  I bought the car on Saturday and now I realize I cannot afford it.   Answer:  Illinois law does not provide for any period for rescinding a car purchase.   The time to ascertain whether you can afford the car is before you sign, not afterward. Occasionally… Read More