Phantom debts and fake collection notices February 5, 2014 by Nicole Vincent Fleming Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Imagine getting an official-looking letter — with a seal, signed by a judge — that says you owe a lot of money for an unpaid payday loan. Awfully intimidating, right? Especially if it included your correct name, address,… Read More

Question: What’s my next step if I got served for a hospital bill that I settled before by giving them the Medicaid card number? I am being sued about a hospital bill that was not paid for. The bill is for my daughter, who at the time did not have insurance because I applied for… Read More

Question: How should I follow up with the court to get the motion to set aside default judgment dismissed?   I have filed a motion and order to set aside default judgment. However, the collections agency has now offered to settle, and I wish to accept and get on with my life. What do I do… Read More

Please contact us if you have received a collection letter from Estate Information Services, LLC, doing business as  EIS Collections, during the last year.… Read More

Please contact us if you have received a letter on the letterhead of attorney John Nichols Catanese seeking to collect a nursing home debt during the last year.… Read More

An Unfortunate Fact About Shopping January 27, 2014 by Nicole Vincent Fleming Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Another day, another announcement about a data breach. As news trickles out about retailers that have been hacked, you may be wondering what you can do to protect yourself from fraud. Even if you’re not sure that your accounts… Read More

Question: What can we do ifour  mortgage servicer lost our payment 7 months ago?   We sent the payment in but it was not credited.  I provided a  trace number showing the payment was cashed and deposited in their account, just not credited to our account. The mortgage servicer has  continued to charge fees and report… Read More

Question: Do I have to pay for an ER room visit for a child that I have custody of?    She was taken to the ER by someone who has no rights to her, over my objection. Answer:  A parent is liable for the reasonable value of medically necessary treatment for a child, regardless of agreement.… Read More

Question: What can I do if I won a credit card dispute and now they are threatening collections?    The charge is for services that were never provided.  The credit card issuer reversed the charges.  The merchant had a collection agency/lawyers office contact me about the charges.  They say I still owe the debt and that… Read More

Question:  In a small claims court, can I be sued for a credit card debt, if the Statue of Limitations has expired? Answer:   Anyone can file a lawsuit.  If the statute of limitations has expired you have a defense. However, you need to appear and assert it.  In Illinois, most credit cards have a… Read More