Question:  My father passed away. He owes more on his car loan than market value of the car. Can we ask the bank to repossess the car? Who pays the remaining balance? My mother does not have the money to pay or make the payments. Answer:   If the only signatory is your father, there is probably… Read More

Question: What should I do if I was served with an order to show cause why I should not be punished for contempt of the court?    This is my first time hearing about this case. Answer: It appears that you may have grounds to vacate the judgment. Meanwhile, comply with the order. Get the court… Read More

Question: What do I do if now I get a bill from the dealer for what they paid the bank to pay off the loan?   I bought a car in 2012, fell behind in payments after losing my job, car was repossessed but not by bank but by dealer. We call the bank and they… Read More

Question: What is the Statute of Limitations on credit card debt?   I am being sued by a firm for a debt that is over 3 years old. The research I have done online says that the statute of limitations for a credit card debt is 3 years. Can they legally sue me over this debt?… Read More

Question: Can a finance company turn down any form of payment and if they do, is the bill considered automatically paid in full by law?   Answer:   A finance company cannot turn down cash or certified funds.  Whether they can decline a personal check depends on the facts  —  the terms of the agreement, whether… Read More

Question: Can I have the charge off status be removed from my record if the creditor agreed to a mutual dismissal with prejudice?    I was sued by and counter sued my original creditor. We agreed to a mutual dismissal with prejudice. They are still listing my account in a charge off status. Can I have… Read More

Question: What should I do if I got served with court papers for breach of contract and fraud for multiple Internet payday loans?   I had several online payday loans prior to July 2013.  One became 2 and 2 became 10. I finally sought help from the attorney general after I realized they were illegal. Now… Read More

Please contact us if you are being sued by Autovest on a motor vehicle retail installment contract.… Read More

Question: If two people sign a promissory note, can only one of them be sued for the full amount? Answer:   Yes, liability is joint and several by statute in Illinois.  This means that the creditor can sue either person for the full amount.… Read More

Question: If your car was repossessed and then they sold the car, do you still have to pay for the car?    The place where I bought the car had it repossessed and then sold the car for what was owed and now they want me to pay for the car after they got it back… Read More