Question: Can a car dealership sell my account to a finance company in another state without my consent?  Can they make me sign a new contract? Answer:  The dealer can sell the contract you have signed to a finance company without your consent.  The dealer can insert the name of the finance company in the… Read More

Question: Are our children responsible for my late husband’s debts that he had before he died?  My late husband had large credit card and medical debts. Answer:   Children are  not liable for the debts of a parent unless they undertake in writing to pay the debts.  However, attempts to collect decedents’ debts from family members… Read More

Question: Am I legally responsible to pay for the funeral expenses of my late mother?   My brother signed all papers for our mother’s funeral in another state.  I had not seen her in years.  I did not agree to any of the arrangements.  .A year and a half later, the mortuary is sending me a… Read More

Question: If I sign as power of attorney for my mother, am I responsible for her financial obligations?  Can her creditors  come after my assets to pay her obligations? Answer:  Signing a power of attorney does not personally obligate you to pay the debts of the principal (the person on whose behalf you are acting).  You… Read More

Question: I co-signed a loan for my brother so that he could get training for a truck driver job. He has refused to get a job.  Can I put a lien on his home until the loan is paid, in order to ensure that he pays it? Answer:  Not unless he signs a note and… Read More

Question: My wife just had a judgment issued against her.  She is receiving unemployment.  Can the creditor freeze our joint bank account? Answer:  A creditor can attempt to enforce a judgment against any bank account on which the debtor’s name appears.  Illinois presumes that money held in such an account is the property of the… Read More

Question:  I had a travel trailer repossessed. I was behind 4 months.  I had been paying for this trailer for 8 years, and had no problems making payments until a recent slowdown at my job.   I was working with the loss mitigation department from the same bank, trying to get the situation solved by making… Read More

Question:  I had a title loan.  The engine went bad and the car was towed and scrapped.  I bought another car.  The loan went to collections.  Can they seize my present car? Answer:  No.  The only way they can legally do anything about the new car is to obtain a judgment and levy against the… Read More

Question: What happens if I can’t pay a judgment?  I have a judgment entered against me for $1600.  I don’t own anything significant.  My only income is Social Security disability.  Is there a way to end this? Answer:  The judgment  creditor is entitled to have you come into court and state under oath the facts… Read More

Question:  The police  impounded my car and gave it to my bank.  The car had not yet been paid for.  The bank sold my car at auction without my authorization.  Can I sue the bank? Answer:  No.  All security agreements define the seizure of the collateral (the car) by law enforcement authorities as an act… Read More