Question:  I bought a car from a dealer and signed a retail installment contract.  The car dealer said he would sell the contract to a bank.  The car dealer called me  giving me a list of lies they want me to tell the bank that’s financing the car, such as:  they told them I worked for… Read More

Question:: My vehicle got repossessed last week and I called the bank today to pay off the past due amount I owed so I could get it back. They said I would have to pay the entire balance of the vehicle off to get it back. Are they allowed to do that? Answer:  Under Illinois… Read More

Question: I was served papers to go to court to say why the creditor should not revive an old judgment.  I had paid the judgment to another lawyer that previously represented the creditor.  What should I do. Answer:  File a written objection stating that you paid the judgment.  Attach proof of payment if you can.… Read More

Question: How can I remove a judgement when it is the result of identity theft?  We have just  found out that a company that we know nothing about was awarded a judgment against my wife. We know this is identity theft.  We filed a police report and a report with the FTC. Someone used my wife’s… Read More

Question: Can I sue if I was served for a debt that was not mine?   I was served with a summons and complaint for a debt  that was not mine. I have the same first name, middle initial, and last name as the debtor. It was embarrassing because they left the summons with a friend… Read More

Here is a link to an article which describes perfectly what many of our clients have gone through at the hands of mortgage companies trying to get a loan modification.  According to the article, an elderly homeowner went through a lengthy, expensive process to get a loan modification from Bank of America.  Her loan was then… Read More