Question: What do I do if I have recently paid a judgment filed against me but the creditor is still harassing me for more money?   I recently paid a judgment off against me for rental properties.   The company that filed the judgment still wants me to pay more money and won’t  satisfy the debt… Read More

  At FTC’s Request, Court Orders Halt to Debt Collector’s Illegal Practices, Freezes Assets Defendants Allegedly Broke the Law by Posing as Process Servers, Threatening Lawsuits, and Contacting Consumers’ Employers and Family Members in Violation of Their Privacy At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. district court has halted a debt collection… Read More

A recent blog post discusses the latest opinion requiring a consumer to arbitrate their claims.  Forced arbitration and class action waiver clauses are preventing many consumers from bringing claims, and allowing many types of businesses to get away with overcharges and fraud.   If you believe this is wrong, please contact your United States representatives and the Consumer… Read More

The New York Times has another story about mixed credit files and the problems they cause for consumers.  A consumer just won a large verdict against Equifax for mixing her perfect credit file with somebody who had bad credit.   If your credit file is being mixed with somebody else’s, contact Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin, LLC… Read More

Question: What can I do regarding erroneous credit reports?   Credit bureaus  have been issuing erroneous credit reports on me. They confuse my credit history with my brother’s. Answer:  Send a certified letter to each of the 3 credit bureaus stating what the problem is and what entries on your report are not yours.  Copy the… Read More

Question: If I paid the amount the  pay day loan company told me I owe and then now they say I owe additional $1100, can they put me in jail? I have several pay day loans outstanding. One loan company said I owe $432 and I need to pay it or they will put me… Read More

Question: Can a financial institution sue  me for an  account on which  I was a cosigner?  The institution already obtained a judgment against my father on the same account  a year ago. Answer:    Yes, with one exception.  There is a requirement that you be notified in writing of the principal debtor’s default on a… Read More

Question: Can an online pay loan that I defaulted on press criminal charges like bad checks?   A pay loan company is calling my family members and threatening that they are going to press charges against me for issuing a bad check. Answer:  Under no circumstances is nonpayment of a loan criminal. In Illinois, the bad… Read More

Question: What can I do if I am being harassed by a collections agency?   A year ago, I got a bill from a hospital. I made a verbal agreement with hospital to pay $200 with no interest which I’ve been doing every single month.  The account was transferred to a collector which is harassing me… Read More

Collection attorneys are attempting to exempt themselves from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for engaging in such conduct as filing suit on obviously time barred debts, suing the wrong person,  using patently false affidavits signed by “robosigners” who have no basis for swearing to anything, “sewer service” (throwing away a summons and complaint and… Read More