Question: If a law firm has a judgment against you, but you never received the summons to go to court, Can you do anything?   Answer:  A judgment entered without service is void and subject to attack at any time, and you may have grounds to move to vacate it.  Go to the clerk’s office… Read More

Question: How long after the date of loan or debt does a company have to pursue collection? Answer:  Common Illinois statutes of limitation are:  4 years for the purchase or lease of goods on time; 10 years for breach of a contract that is wholly in writing, such as a note; 5 years for breach… Read More

Question: My mother lives in a home that was owned by her and her late husband. He is the only one on the n0te.   Can she walk away from the home with no ramifications financially? Answer:  Not altogether.  If  the late husband was the only one on the note, she is not liable to… Read More

Question:  A credit card company got a judgment against me.  I paid it.  Can I get it off my credit? Answer:  Under Illinois law a person who has paid a judgment, or obtained a release or satisfaction, is entitled to have the judgment vacated and the case dismissed.  This has to be done by filing… Read More

Question: Can I still be sued for a 9 year old debt?    I have a creditor saying I need to contact an attorney due to lawsuit filed. The  debt  is 9 years old. Answer:  The most commonly applicable statutes of limitation in Illinois are 10 years for a contract wholly in writing, such as a… Read More

Question: : My husband and I refinanced our house. My husband has used the check in stock market. The check was both in our name. I have not seen the check. Can he do that?   Answer:  If your name was on the check and your husband did not sign your name, a financial institution should… Read More

Question: If I have a civil judgement that has been completely paid off but still on my credit report, how can I get this removed? Answer:   If it is an Illinois judgment, you have the right to file a motion in the court which entered it attaching proof that it was paid/ satisfied, and requesting… Read More

Question: I have $7000 in debt from medical bills as well as creditors how do I go about clearing up my credit? Answer:  If the items are accurate, they may remain on your report for 7 years from chargeoff or 7.5 years from the first delinquency that led to the chargeoff, whichever is earlier.  Paying… Read More

Question: I got four payday loans over the Internet.  I cannot repay them.  What is the worst thing that could happen? Answer:   Find out of the lenders  were  licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.  If they were not licensed, the loan is not enforceable, you owe nothing, and you may be… Read More

Question:  I have received a letter from a collection agency regarding a medical bill that was supposed to be submitted by the hospital to my health insurance company that would have covered the bill at 80%. The hospital admininstrator  called me 3 times to get the insurance information, which I provided; they assured me that this… Read More