There was a good article today on divorcing and mortgages in today’s tribune (link below).  We often get asked questions about this issue.  Just because a divorce agreement says one spouse is responsible for the mortgage doesn’t mean you are off the hook with the lender.  As the article suggests, unless the mortgage is refinanced… Read More

Question: Someone has stolen my identity and are using gift cards related to my address.  What should I do?  Western Union wants to collect on some fraudulent gift cards.   These contains my home address and telephone number, but someone else is collecting the money. Answer: 1.  File a police report 2.  Fill out the identity… Read More

Question: Can a creditor add derogatory information to a closed account?   I had a credit card that was closed by the creditor.  The account was in good standing at the time of closure. The creditor re-opened the account just to add derogatory information. I’m thinking this is wrong. Answer:   The only issues are (1) whether… Read More

Question:  I borrowed $13,150 from a  now-former friend using a Rolex watch that I paid $5500 for as collateral. I was making monthly payments towards a $14,000 total payback over 18 months. After I paid $3400 in payments he offered me a settlement of $9000. I called to make the exchange, $9000 for the watch. He… Read More

Question: If my husband applies for credit cards, and defaults, will this affect my credit score? Answer:   If you are neither contractually liable nor an authorized user on the account, his credit history will not affect your score.  The Equal Credit Opportunity Act assures each spouse of the right to obtain credit by themselves.… Read More

Question:   One creditor was harassing me for payment on an old debt.  I filed a complaint with the Attorney General and in it stated that the statute of limitations had expired. Their reply  stated that the credit agreement stated that the laws of Utah apply and the statute of limitations there was six years.  Is… Read More

A recent article notes the trend towards longer car loans of 72 months or more. We have witnessed the trend among our clients too. Consumers need to be extremely careful when considering long car loans because, along with the fact that you may end up paying considerably more interest, there is a big danger of… Read More

There was a great Op Ed piece today in the New York Times about mixed credit files. Our firm has helped many people having similar problems with the credit bureaus mixing their information with that of other people with similar names and/or social security numbers. It is often necessary to sue the credit bureaus to… Read More

Question:  My wife had surgery and the bills piled up. Now they have been turned over to a collections company. I have talked to the collection company and told them I can pay $100.00 per month but they tell me that they will be the one to determine how much I will pay monthly. Can they… Read More

  If you are being sued on a Chase credit card debt, most likely by a debt buyer, the following is important: JPMorgan review finds errors in debt-collection lawsuits: WSJ Wed Jul 10 06:02:03 UTC 2013 (Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase & Co <JPM.N> made mistakes while suing thousands of its credit card customers over non-payments,… Read More